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Meditações: A Vida do Buddha
Author: Plínio Marcos Tsai
ISBN: 978-85-68091-40-1 (2017)
Number of Pages: 399.

The author brings together the main episodes of the Historical Buddha's life. Its narrative combines historical and cultural elements to show Siddhartha Gautama's path to becoming Buddha Shakyamuni, as well as the difficulties he faced in building his community of monks and nuns and his exceptional ability to teach and benefit many people and societies. As a whole, it also presents some Sutras (sermons) and classical texts of Buddhist tradition.

The BUDA Association has its own publications, including translated books as well as original titles. It seeks to develop a contemporary look at Buddhist Sciences and Christology, so that researchers and students can draw on concepts, principles and foundations, with a view to developing their reflections and studies and based on organized materials, from solidly grounded research, in a broad and up-to-date academic bibliography.

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The publications of Editora BUDA focus on the assortment used in the organization of the Buddhist canon, which began in India and was further refined by Buddhist schools in China starting from the 1st century AD, and also Japan. The development of the canon is continuous work and it remains alive until present days due to the constant development of Buddhist schools.