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At the center, Professor Plínio Tsai (3rd degree black belt), and Instructor Alba Rodrigues (purple belt) with some of the children and other students from school.
At the center the monk prof. Marcos Lopes (plain black belt 1st degree in Judo) who taught classes in spatial notion and throwing for the children. Also present were students Yoshihide Takahashi (blue belt), and Gabriel D ́Ottaviano (blue belt), among other students.
Professor Plinio Tsai with the children talking about the rules of martial arts, ethics and morals.
After training, Professor Plínio Tsai cooks for the students. He teaches the importance of good food (vegetables, rice, meats, fruits) and also all help students learn to eat with chopstick.
During dinners, children can see an animation and/or a martial arts movie.
After training, some volunteers, and students from the Fadda School of Jiu Jitsu, tell stories to students about kung fu classics, such as the Monkey King story, or try to help and supervise some of the children in reading, focused on morality and good behavior in the dojo. Usually, after reading, children draw pictures about the stories or what they read.
With the help of the nun Nirvana França (chemical engineer) some of the children were studying the principle of diffusion. Doing an experiment that uses colored chocolate sprinkles.


Jiu é Vida is a project in partnership with the Municipal Secretariat of Sport and Leisure of Valinhos, approved in May 2019 with a proposal requested by A 10-month notice.

The project's goal was to promote and allow access to the practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as a sport, with an educational formative character, through activities for children and adolescents at social risk, thus promoting social inclusion, the preservation of moral values , as well as health and psychomotor development, awareness of socio-educational principles (such as co-education, cooperation, emancipation, among others), acquisition of values ​​of rights and duties, solidarity and improvement of physical conditioning.

The project was attended by the professor responsible for the Fadda Team of Valinhos Plinio Tsai black belt 3rd degree Jiu recognized by the Jiu Jitsu Federation of Rio de Janeiro, the first Jiu federation founded by the Gracies, alongside the purple belt instructor of Jiu Alba Rodrigues and the purple belt volunteers of Jiu monk Jonathan Richard, Maximiliano Sawaya.

In the project several activities were carried out with the children through the practice of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. We also have complementary activities: video display, presentation of martial arts rules, classes and/or activities on health and hygiene, and topics related to sports and human development as shown in the photos on this page.