Inter-Religious Dialogues

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Visit from Sister of Saint Joseph of Chambéry – August 15th, 2016
Campinas Islamic Society lecture by Mr. Mohamed Ezz El Din Mostafa Habib – UNICAMP Professor – August 29th 2016.
Lecturers Mother Carol of Ogum (Ana Carollina Abud Portella) and Regiane Granjeiro from Terreiro de Umbanda Akuan de Campinas – October, 2016.
Palestra sobre A História do Espiritismo com a Gisele d'Ottaviano em novembro de 2016


One of the main goals of our association is to expand the inter-religious dialogues. Thus, we had many religious representatives paying us visits in 2016.

Catholicism – On August 15th, 2016 we received the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambéry. We spent some precious and pleasant time with Sister Regina Célia List, four Haitian novices – Celine, Margali, Mirlanda and Esline – and three seminarists – André, Guilherme and Patrick.

Islamic religion – On August 29th, 2016 we had the great opportunity to receive one of the representatives of the Islamic Society of Campinas, Mr. Mohamed Ezz El Din Mostafa Habib - a professor at UNICAMP (Campinas State University)- who gave us a lecture about the religion. BUDA Association was kindly presented some tomes about the Islamic religion.

Umbanda – On October 07th, 2016 we received Mother Carol of Ogum (Ana Carollina Abud Portella), who kindly explained many parts or her religion, and Regiane Granjeiro from Terreiro de Umbanda Akuan from Campinas.

Spiritism – On november, 2016 a lecture on Spiritism’s History was presented by Mrs. Gisele D’Ottaviano – ITBC’s student.

BUDA Association was also a guest in 2017 and 2018 at the event “Oração pela Paz” (Prayers for Peace) promoted and hosted by Universidade São Francisco (USF), that annually brings together different religions to promote peace and dialogue. Many representatives from the Catholic church, Methodist church, Spiritism, Orthodox Catholic church, Seicho-no-ie, Jewish Synagogue, Islamic church, Umbanda, Candomblé and Buddhism were present.