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BUDA is a non-profit association, with public utility granted by the municipality of Valinhos /SP. Aiming at the development of projects in the area of education, as well as having a religious, philosophical and humanitarian aid character. It is the maintainer of the Instituto de Teologias Cristãs e Ciências Budistas (Institute of Christian Theologies and Buddhist Sciences). It urges to inform that the association does not receive any funds or assistance from the Government. BUDA is maintained solely by the work of its members

BUDA’s aim is the conservation of Buddhist morals, culture, Philosophy and religion of Geluk tradition, as well as the execution of social and humanitarian projects that are accordingly to the traditional Buddhist morals and values. BUDA is not a place for medical practice or any kind of treatment for disorders. We do not act on medical and health fields nor have competence for doing so. Those with mental or health disorders need to seek for competent professional assistance legally recognised.

BUDA is not a church, but it does have a pastoral character run but its Buddhist monks and nuns. There is the counselling service performed by them. There is not other service beyond the counselling – a private talk with a monk or nun previously scheduled by the secretary. For those interested in the other religious services offered by pastorals we kindly suggest the Roman Catholic Church or the Methodist Church in the city of Valinhos.

The monks and nuns linked to BUDA work as regular teachers of secular subjects in public and private institutions, thus having means of their own maintenance. BUDA does not provide for monks and nuns. BUDA graduates its monks and nuns in partnership with traditional institutions, the truly responsible for religious ordaining. BUDA accepts donations only for its projects – monks and nuns do not receive any donation for being solely part of BUDA.

There is no political affiliation. Both BUDA and ITBC do not have any political or political-party affiliation. Only BUDA’s president has authority to talk about any political standing on behalf of the Association or to make any kind of public declarations regarding political ideologies. On ITBC’s behalf, only its general director can give any public declaration regarding political ideologies that officially represent the Institute.

BUDA and ITBC do not impose nor limits/restrains its associates political choices. They are free to choose their orientations and they may uphold their private responsibility for their personal declarations.

At BUDA there are the recitation and meditation on the classical Buddhist texts as daily activities and there is also the Liturgy of the Hours of the Roman Catholic Church as meditative prayer for the Christian associates. There are no religious rituals, only the expressing of Christian and Buddhist spirituality – both centred in the seek of the Ultimate Reality.

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